Siemens AG is een Duits conglomeraatbedrijf met hoofdkantoor in Berlijn en München en is het grootste industriële productiebedrijf in Europa met vestigingen in het buitenland.
Oeps, er zijn helaas geen items gevonden.
Oeps, er zijn helaas geen items gevonden.

The wait is finally over❗️ Good luck to our partner FC Bayern München for the 5⃣7⃣th @Bundesliga_EN season⚽️🙌 Check out the highlights from last season and experience the atmosphere and #FanEnergy 📢 in the Allianz Arena in a new way:
16-08-2019 15:41:45

It’s 2019, the year of the Blade Runner and we don’t have flying cars, but there is a lot of exciting technological innovation happening in L.A. Follow our expert Dennis Rodriguez, chief city strategist for Siemens in California, giving insight into L.A.’s transformation into a smart mobility hub:
15-08-2019 15:55:06

How should future cities look like? Let your imagination soar and have a look at the first future smart city at Expo 2020 Dubai, that will be a blueprint for many more to follow: #expo2020
14-08-2019 16:16:20

Mobile machining will change the way airplanes are produced. Why not bring CNC machines to the workpiece? Read about the exiting joint project of Siemens and Fraunhofer IFAM in Daniel Bestian’s new blog on Siemens Ingenuity:
13-08-2019 15:55:05

Happy international #YouthDay 🙌Today we want to highlight the crucial role that #QualityEducation plays in youth development.📚✍️ Investing in education means investing in the lives of future change makers, just like the students from our Siemens-partnered school in Johannesburg, South Africa.🇿🇦 Watch and be inspired as they tell their stories.📣#TransformingEducation #Education2030 #SDG4
12-08-2019 15:02:10

Digital systems and #Cybersecurity need to evolve hand in hand – as indeed has been the case at Siemens for more than 30 years. Find out more about our decade-long experience in this field:
12-08-2019 11:35:07

Waking up in the morning having nothing around which isn’t at least partly produced with the help of #MachineTools? Our expert Marco Merlino describes this scenario very detailed in his new blog. Just to anticipate one thing: There wouldn’t even be an electronic device to read his blog on!
10-08-2019 13:50:03

We truly love books! 📚📕📖 To preserve treasures of literature like manuscripts by Hans Christian Andersen, Søren Kierkegaard and a copy of the Gutenberg Bible, we developed a tailored fire safety solution for the Royal Library in Copenhagen: #BookLoversDay #CreatingPerfectPlaces #TimeToCare
09-08-2019 15:05:07

How does a space support #innovation and #collaboration? 💡🙌 Join Franziska Dolak on a tour through the the SPARK innovation space, where it's all about #SmartInfrastructure, innovation and transformation: #InnovationSpace #SmartOffice
07-08-2019 14:00:06

Join our very own Jenny Bofinger from the Siemens headquarters in Munich, as she explains how #Siemens is working with Expo 2020 Dubai to create a blueprint for smart city- a city that is digital, sustainable and offers a much higher quality of life.
06-08-2019 10:24:00

The wait is finally over❗️ Good luck to our partner @FCBayern for the 5⃣7⃣th @Bundesliga_EN season⚽️🙌 Check out t…
16-08-2019 13:34:45

Combining financial and technological know-how to facilitate #SMEs #DigitalTransformation - @ChalonsB, CEO of…
16-08-2019 12:58:06

How is #LosAngeles evolving into a #SmartMobility hub? #AtlasOfDigitalization
15-08-2019 13:55:11

How should future cities look like? Let us share with you a blueprint for future #smartcities @expo2020dubai! Find…
14-08-2019 14:08:02

Swarms of autonomous #robots building an #aircraft?
13-08-2019 13:50:11

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