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Five Questions with Joanne Bradford

2019 has been a year marked by growth and momentum for us at OneLogin. We kicked-off the year raising $100M in additional funding, achieving FedRAMP Ready status, building new partnerships, and earning recognition as a “Strong Performer” in “The Forrester Wave™: Identity-As-A-Service (IDaaS) For Enterprise, Q2 2019.” We’ve been fortunate to continue the theme of momentum with the recent appointment of Joanne Bradford to our board of directors.

Joanne’s appointment comes at a time of great excitement and possibility. She brings 30 years of marketing and operations experience to OneLogin’s board, serving in CMO and COO leadership positions for companies like Microsoft, Yahoo, SoFi and Pinterest, as well as board positions for Wave, Adaptly and Comscore. We couldn’t be more excited to have her join us! We recently spoke with Joanne to hear her thoughts on the tech industry, what it means to be customer-focused, how to earn customer trust, and women’s empowerment in tech.

Five Questions with Joanne Bradford

You have more than 30 years of experience in tech and media and have guided growth with businesses such as Microsoft, Yahoo, Pinterest and SoFi. How has marketing in the tech industry evolved over the course of your career and how do you see B2C best practices helping companies like OneLogin selling B2B?

Over the years I have found providing solutions to problems is what drives great value for consumers and businesses. Technology helps save people time and money. If you are building products and messaging that explains the time saving and cost saving benefits easily to customers, you will win.

Trust is a word that is closely associated with your career and the work you’ve done. At OneLogin, “Accountability’ is one of our core values. What role do you think trust and accountability plays when connecting with our customers?

Trust is built with employees, products and in industries. At the customer level, It is best demonstrated through ease of use, responsiveness, word of mouth and renewals. OneLogin has focused on improving and measuring how trustworthy it is as a company everyday by listening to customers feedback.

The cloud journey is one that’s burdensome for businesses transitioning from legacy environments. As businesses migrate to the cloud, security can sometimes be an afterthought. How important is it to maintain a customer-focused approach when marketing to customers as they undergo digital transformation?

The cloud is daunting for lots of functions in any company. It takes teamwork, prioritization and expertise to make it all float. Security sometimes needs to lead and sometimes needs to follow as functions work through what is best for a customer.

We’re proud to note that you’re the first woman to sit on OneLogin’s board of directors. In your experience, how has the tech sector evolved to address the issue of inclusivity? And, what can the industry continue to do to close the gender gap in tech?

It’s great to see the gender gap on boards being addressed, it takes a strong network experience to find the right board. My only advice is to keep showing up and letting people know you are interested in boards, one of my best board experiences came through the boardlist.

We’ve shared with you a series of four important, industry-specific questions. We’d like to close on a lighter note. In apartment buildings across the country, users often adopt funny or even embarrassing names for their WiFi network. So, if we visited you and needed internet access, what’s the name of your WiFi network?

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