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Use This Framework to Unblock Your Product Roadmap

We recently had the opportunity to join Gainsight for a webinar about Finding Friction in Your User Journey and How to Fix It. One of the key aspects of fixing user friction is understanding how to prioritize that work along with things like new feature development. At FullStory, we’ve landed on a successful process for prioritizing our product efforts called the 9-Blocker and we shared a little bit about this process in the webinar. The 9-Blocker helps us prioritize medium and large arcs of work, and we think it might help you, too. When in Doubt, List It Out Each quarter at FullStory we use the 9-Blocker to help us assess our top priorities. Our product management team creates a list of all the product improvements, potential new features, and critical bug fixes that need to be made. The list is compiled from customer feedback received from sales, success, and support teams, as well as opportunities and improvements identified from our internal research and analyses. Once Product Management knows all the potential work items at play, the real work begins. The 9-Blocker begins with a thorough evaluation of each issue and opportunity that’s based on the relative value and cost of solving […]

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