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The 5 Areas Of Customer Growth You Need To Budget For In 2020

The new year is right around the corner, which means time is running out to get your budget in order. Customer growth is the goal of every business, but budgeting for a growth-driven strategy in 2020 is as difficult as ever. Customer growth is constantly evolving as new advancements in technology are made. This means that what worked last year may not be enough to keep up this year. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of five areas to budget for in order to accelerate customer growth for the upcoming year. Don’t let underbudgeting destroy your growth strategy! How to budget for customer success The key to budgeting for customer success is agile planning. Understandably, this can seem difficult to do when trying to create a concrete budget. One of the workarounds to this problem is to create a budget that conforms to your goals, not the other way around. This begins with defining whether your budget is modeled around an entering or an exiting cost target—maybe you want to have a budget at X%, but first, that could require starting at a budget of Y%. From there, you can take into account your major initiatives for […]

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